Geeks Sell 371 kWh to SoCalEd in Mid-April to Mid-May Period

For our last SCE billing period we produced an excess of 12.79 kWh per day, on average, resulting in SoCalEd owing us $250 for the month. This reduced our ongoing annual bill to less than $700. On the graphic you’ll note a red triangle on May 11, that was an extended power outage caused by […]

Three Month User Report on Chevy Spark EV

It has been 3 months and 3 days since we bought our Chevrolet Spark EV. Here is an update on the car, with some details on the impact of an electric vehicle on our electric bill. I love this car so much that I treated it to a vanity plate. So far it still does […]

Knock On Effects Of Electric Car Purchase Now Apparent

Before we bought our EV I was naturally very curious about how it would impact our electric bill and what the actual costs per mile of driving the car would be. We’ve had the car long enough and it has been long enough since we changed our electric rate plan, and now I feel I’ve […]