Mid-Winter Update on Solar Power

We had some actual, much needed rain in December 2014, so power generation was reduced. Obviously the shorter days and lower sun angle also reduce solar power production in the winter. We’ve had our mid-December to mid-January bill, and so far we still have a credit with SoCalEd. It’s pretty much as expected, no cause […]

Solar Gadget Charger Update

Here is an update on my home made solar gadget charger. A new voltmeter is on its way, expected to have greater brightness in mid-day sun. Meanwhile the professional solar installation on our roof is producing over 100kWh daily at this long day time of year. It’s all good.

Geeks Sell 371 kWh to SoCalEd in Mid-April to Mid-May Period

For our last SCE billing period we produced an excess of 12.79 kWh per day, on average, resulting in SoCalEd owing us $250 for the month. This reduced our ongoing annual bill to less than $700. On the graphic you’ll note a red triangle on May 11, that was an extended power outage caused by […]

As Equinox Approaches We Produce Net Power

As we approach the Spring Equinox the days are nearly as long as the nights. This allows sunlight to strike our solar panels for more hours per day, and it also means the angle of our panels to the sun becomes more favorable. When you have a solar photovoltaic system on a net metering plan […]

Will Buying an EV Cause Our Electric Bill to Go Down?

Since we installed our solar panels in May 2012 we have been generating almost all of the electricity we use, but depending on the time of year most months we still do buy some electricity from SoCalEd (Southern California Edison). When we bought a Chevrolet Spark EV in January 2014 we knew that it was […]

Peak Power Produced June 19, No Big Surprise There

It should be no surprise that our peak power production to date would have been within a day or two of the summer solstice. ¬†As each day goes by variations in cloud cover do have an effect, so our best day was not exactly the longest day, close though. We put 38KWh onto the grid […]

Geek Hill Net Producer For Current billing Period

With the longest day of the year approaching and the sun climbing higher every day, we have also had moderate temperatures most days this month allowing our power production to exceed power consumption every day during the current billing period. On average we have put 26KWh of power onto the grid every day this period, […]