New PC Build and Webcam Upgrades Push Limits of Webcam Geekery

Bigger! Better! Faster! Quieter! These were all requirements for my latest PC build, a fanless 140 watt TDP hexacore Intel i7-6800K in a very quiet case. I used the largest heat sink I’ve ever seen, with enough fins for 4 dozen sharks, and some low speed ultra quiet fans. To keep up with the fast CPU there is a 512gb Samsung NVMe M.2 SSD on the Asus X99 motherboard, and it’s all verra nice.

My newest camera build is actually a rebuild of the one I put together in my last post here. I found that the Pine A64+ was drawing so much current it was dragging down even adequate power supplies, or there was too much voltage drop in the power cabling. It was too unreliable and cantankerous, so it’s gone.

To replace it I used a much smaller, less expensive, and possibly even more exotic Orange Pi One. In conjunction with Armbian (Jesse), MJPEG Streamer, and the ELP USB camera used in my previous build I created my highest resolution build yet, and it still achieves good streaming motion video.

I like the Orange Pi One, it’s easily powerful enough for a webcam. With the added USB camera and everything running the total power consumption of the new cam is 3.3 watts.