Latest Webcam Build Makes Images Nearly 4K

You know how it is, you build a project, it works out well, then you want more. I’ve been very pleased with the two 1080P webcams I built using Orange Pi, but why not try for more? How about streaming a 6 MP image?

I found a very nice USB camera board, combined it with a Pine A64+ SoC board, used Ubuntu 16.04, installed fswebcam, compiled mjpg_streamer, and I’m using a commercial outdoor security camera enclosure.

It’s giving me images at 3264 by 2448, which is the ancient, deprecated 4 by 3 aspect ratio. Real men prefer 16 by 9, so to get it closer I hand drew a crop frame that gets it much closer, 3264 by 1848. Despite my cropping out some of the image it still is nearly 4K, and it exceeds the resolution of an iMac 27″ display.

I’m pulling about 12 frames per second @ about 10~12 mbps. The image quality and sharpness are superb under indoor lighting conditions.


Here are some pics of the major components.