New Traffic Cam Watches Interstate 15 in Corona

My latest IP Cam project relies on an Orange Pi PC SoC board and an Embest USB camera board. Thecamera board is taped to the window in my office, connected via USB to the Orange Pi, which in turn is connected via Ethernet to our LAN. The camera board creates a 2048 by 1536 video (4 by 3, how 1990!) which is later cropped to digitally zoom on our view of a freeway interchange a mile away.

On the Orange Pi I’m using mjpg_server to capture the video and offer it up as an IP stream. Post production is done on a Windows 10 PC using Blue Iris software. The resulting file is then uploaded once per minute to one of our sister sites (Geek Hill). This is done as a public service so that commuters can see the traffic situation at the Ontario Ave interchange in South Corona, CA.

Daytime images are harsh and overexposed because the camera board lacks an IR cut filter. So it goes.

The Orange Pi PC board

USB Camera Board

USB Camera Board

An image from our testing before the board was placed

Sample image shows southbound traffic jam in the afternoon