How Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Helped Me Repair Our Clothes Dryer

Good News Everyone!

A long time ago on an episode of Futurama Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth invented a Finglonger, a simple binary one bit mechanical device with, obviously, two possible states. In one case, we’ll call it a space or zero, the Finglonger is open. When the operator applies sufficient squeezing mechanical energy to the handle of the Finglonger it changes state to a binary 1, we’ll call it a mark. When this state change acts on the physical layer the Finglonger closes, and material that may have been in its vicinity is likely to be clamped.

Our Samsung front loading clothes dryer is about 7 years old. Recently it was taking longer and longer to dry each load of clothes. I had the impression it was because the dryer vent hose was clogged, but then with guests in the house increasing the usage suddenly I noted that the dryer door was not closing properly.

The lint filter would not seat properly.


Lint Trap

I removed the lint filter and used the Finglonger to pull at least a dozen Finglongers full of lint out of the chute into which the filter slides.

A single bit binary device made a large analog improvement in our clothes dryer.

Once again Hubert J. Farnsworth saves the day.