Solar Electric Update As Winter Approaches

During the long, sunny days of summer when we produce much more energy than we consume our electric bill goes negative as Southern California Edison pays us for excess power applied to the grid. But as winter approaches the days start getting shorter and shorter, and we inevitably start using more power than we produce.

On the SoCalEd net metering plan there is a monthly accounting of usage, but payment occurs only once a year, with one party or the other paying the same retail price per kWh. The days are very much shorter now in mid-November, so here is an update on our current balance.

SoCalEd owes us $1029 at this point, and our currently monthly period looks like about $6 by their estimate.Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 5.30.14 AM  Nov 10, 2014

As our usage increases in December and January tiered pricing may make the balance shift quickly, but it seems reasonable to believe they may owe us money next spring. All this while charging a battery-only car. You can see the car charging at 4AM in the Daily Usage area above.

I am liking very much this solar power. And the electric car is my best toy ever.