Eight Months Driving an Electric Car

In a few more days our Chevrolet Spark EV battery electric vehicle will be 8 months old. By now I’m very used to the car and there has been enough time for its flaws to bother me and its strong points to become apparent. I’ve learned how to hyper-mile in it, and have gotten the efficiency up pretty high by doing so.


As you can see by driving in the right way I have gotten it as high 141 MPGe, my overall average so far in this car is 121MPGe, and to add icing to the cake we are still producing more electricity than we consume at home, including charging Sparky, so we are pretty darn green.

Now for my favorite and least favorite features:


  • Extremely fast, great for humiliating Beemers
  • Very energy efficient, best MPGe of all cars sold in America
  • Fun to drive
  • Completely reliable so far (Look Ma, no ignition switch)
  • Drive train is almost completely quiet


  • Multimedia system can not be shut up at power up, user must always have multimedia playing or else keep dashboard console off, this is a totally brain dead design flaw
  • Factory installed rear deck speakers are horrible, I used part of the rear cargo area for two 6×9 speakers in gray carpet enclosures
  • OEM tires are low rolling resistance with very poor traction, does not go well with 400 ft/lbs of torque, will replace fronts with performance tires eventually

In summary, I love the car even with its quirks, and am very happy to own it.