Geeks Sell 371 kWh to SoCalEd in Mid-April to Mid-May Period

For our last SCE billing period we produced an excess of 12.79 kWh per day, on average, resulting in SoCalEd owing us $250 for the month. This reduced our ongoing annual bill to less than $700.


On the graphic you’ll note a red triangle on May 11, that was an extended power outage caused by a Santa Ana wind event. Our micro inverters worked as designed and shut down completely when SCE went away, this is necessary for any grid-tied solar power system in order to protect linemen conducting repairs. We were offline during the peak production period that day, but nobody was harmed, a fair enough deal.

Lines extended below zero in the graph indicate days when we put net power onto the grid, bars extending upward indicate days when we were net consumers, these would be heavily overcast or cloudy days.

On April 30, 2014 we set an all time record for power production, 121.6 kWh. There was a wind event which produced cooler air and cloud free skies all day, ideal conditions for solar power.

When I add up all of my complaints I still don’t have any 🙂

Sunshine makes I happy.