Three Month User Report on Chevy Spark EV

It has been 3 months and 3 days since we bought our Chevrolet Spark EV. Here is an update on the car, with some details on the impact of an electric vehicle on our electric bill.
Chevy Spark EV

I love this car so much that I treated it to a vanity plate. So far it still does not quite have 1,000 miles on it, which supports my claim that I don’t do much driving and the limited range is not a big deal for me.

In fact the range I’m getting is greater than GM and the EPA predicted, largely because my driving is 90% city streets, which means I’m going slower and not using so much energy to push air out of my way. I still remain amazed at how extremely quiet this car is at low speeds. In parking lots I open my windows and play the stereo loud to give pedestrians a chance to hear me coming. I prefer driving this car with the windows open anyway, so I can enjoy not hearing it. Because it is silent driving slowly through a neighborhood with the windows open gives you just a tiny taste of what riding a bike is like, it’s a very pleasing and soothing experience for me.

The car has a second, softer sounding horn for warning pedestrians without scaring them, this is used by pulling back on the headlight stalk on the left side of the steering column.

Our electric bill continues going down as expected this time of year when the days are getting longer. Of course the bill is going down because we have 78 solar panels. My point is that the electric car has not ruined our negative electric bills. With 4 days left in the current billing period they owe us $125.

Negative Electric Bill

Driving our EV is a constant source of joy for me. I know it is doing the least possible amount of harm to our planet, it is more fun than an ICE car, and every time I get out of the car I’m where I wanted to go.

In summary, it’s all good.