IRS Catches Up, Solar Update, EV Update

Here is an update on our grid-tie solar installation. The IRS has finally caught up with us, by having enough taxes withheld last year to finish applying our tax credits for our solar photovoltaic system. So that’s nice!

We did finish our mid-February to mid-March SoCalEd billing period with a credit of $41, This was much better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. The mid-March to mid-April period is quite likely to be better as days are increasing in length and dear Sol is getting higher in the sky.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.55.07 AM  Mar 20, 2014

I would not say we worship a Sun God, because nobody here personifies the stars in the sky. On the other hand I do very much enjoy sitting in the sunshine on a spring day, and I realize all energy on Earth, as well as all people on Earth, can be traced to sunshine and stardust. So it is not unusual that a person would appreciate the Sun, even though, like religion, it is best viewed from a distance.

In EV news, earlier this week I had a chance to test the ability of our car to charge completely during the 6 hour cheapest rate window from Midnight until 6AM. I drove down to Temecula and back, but this time I raised my speed to 70+, fully aware that at that speed a great deal of energy is required to push the air out of the way. I wanted to see if I could still get the advertised 82 miles of range if I drove just as I would in a fuel burning car. I was also doing my zoom zoom showoff routine in the short distances between where I got on the freeway, which I can see from my home, and in Temecula where you can see the bakery I was visiting. So of the 69 miles round trip, about 66 miles was on the freeway at 70 or faster. After driving 69 miles I had 13 miles estimated range remaining, exactly as expected. The car charged completely in he 6 hour time slot, as hoped.

I continue being very pleased with our Chevy Spark EV, it seems I can dramatically reduce my carbon footprint while still having a fun, sporty car.