Riverside County Approves Humungous Solar Plant

desert-site-new-solar-plant Riverside County in California stretches from Corona at it’s far western end all the way to the Arizona border in the Sonoran Desert, it’s a county that is largely desert, with the Inland Empire region near Corona and the City of Riverside the part most green and densely populated. As you travel east on Interstate 10 through the San Gorgonio mountain pass you reach the Coachella Valley, then continuing nearly due east there is a long stretch of sparsely populated desert with Joshua Tree National Park and San Bernardino county off to your left and the Chocolate Mountains on your right.

Eventually, just before reaching Arizona, once again there are people, cars and the remote city of Blythe at the all important Colorado River border. Just North of Blythe between a small North-South running mountain range and the river is a stretch of land authorized this week by Riverside county supervisors for the creation of a 750 megawatt solar array. 750 Megawatts! It’s the McCoy Solar Project at the feet of the McCoy Mountains.

The McCoy Solar Energy Project is the largest approved so far in Riverside County, both in total area and in the 750 megawatts of power it is expected to generate. Most of it would be on public land just east of the McCoy Mountains, a few miles north of Interstate 10.

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Great news for our favorite planet.