As Equinox Approaches We Produce Net Power

Power-Production-March-8-2014As we approach the Spring Equinox the days are nearly as long as the nights. This allows sunlight to strike our solar panels for more hours per day, and it also means the angle of our panels to the sun becomes more favorable.

When you have a solar photovoltaic system on a net metering plan you quickly learn that the length of day and angle of sunlight have a vast effect on power output. Naturally this becomes more exaggerated as one moves further from the Equator. So in the winter most days we are using more than we are producing, and in summer – without massive use of air conditioning – we are producing more. I was curious about how long it would take for us to cross over into producing more power on a bright, cloudless day than we use that day. It happened on March 8th. The graph shown indicates our electric car was charging for nearly two hours, typical for my mostly local area driving. On this date we produced over 10KWh more than we consumed. With that excess all being in mid-day it is at a higher rate, although on a Saturday it is not peak rate.