More About Electric Cars, Billing Plans, and Solar Panels

SoCalEd-Power-GraphThe attached image (click for larger view) shows the net power production and usage at Geek Hill for March 4th, 2014. As this was a weekday the M-F rates for our billing plan were in effect.

As you can see we use a lot of electricity here, it’s a large, spread out property and we have several koi ponds that require pumps that run 24/7 to keep the water oxygenated for the little fishies. That’s why we needed 78 solar panels to get our electric bill under control.

In this bar graph you can see that during the Noon hour we put nearly 9 KWh of power onto the grid, this is over and above what we were using. It’s an enormous solar power plant and when it is putting out peak power mid-day the electricity rates are at their highest, while when our Chevy Spark EV is charging, typically between 4AM and 6AM, and we must buy power it is at the lowest rate. This is good. I am liking it very much.