Another Webcam Based on Orange Pi PC

The Orange Pi PC is a knockoff of Raspberry Pi, but with faster CPU and much faster Ethernet performance. I’ve settled on using them for all of the webcams scattered about our property. This latest webcam build has a wide angle USB camera board, a 12VDC to 5VDC converter, an external IOGear Ethernet to WiFi […]

Latest Webcam Build Makes Images Nearly 4K

You know how it is, you build a project, it works out well, then you want more. I’ve been very pleased with the two 1080P webcams I built using Orange Pi, but why not try for more? How about streaming a 6 MP image? I found a very nice USB camera board, combined it with […]

New Traffic Cam Watches Interstate 15 in Corona

My latest IP Cam project relies on an Orange Pi PC SoC board and an Embest USB camera board. Thecamera board is taped to the window in my office, connected via USB to the Orange Pi, which in turn is connected via Ethernet to our LAN. The camera board creates a 2048 by 1536 video […]