Category: Hobby Solar

Two Solar Powered Raspberry Pi Security IP Cams w/MJPEG Streaming in 1080P

Yesterday I completed a long project to install two Raspberry Pi computers with solar power along our driveway, so we can see our gate. They are verra nice. I bought two fake security cameras to get the housings, each one contains a 12VDC to 5VDC buck converter, a Raspberry Pi 2 computer and a Raspberry […]

Home Made Solar Motion Floodlights and Gadget Charger

Using found materials whenever possible, I have cobbled together various bits to make a solar powered gadget charging station with two motion detecting floodlights. It’s a very unimportant project, but it keeps me from playing in the middle of the street. The metal box was originally a sonar fish finder left behind on our property, […]