Final Accounting For Solar Year 3, SoCalEd Pays Us $74

We ended up being net producers of electricity for our third billing year having solar power online. It was also the first full year during which we charged a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), which was charged nowhere else in the entire year. With all of that we still were net producers of electricity while running […]

Eight Months Driving an Electric Car

In a few more days our Chevrolet Spark EV battery electric vehicle will be 8 months old. By now I’m very used to the car and there has been enough time for its flaws to bother me and its strong points to become apparent. I’ve learned how to hyper-mile in it, and have gotten the […]

Three Month User Report on Chevy Spark EV

It has been 3 months and 3 days since we bought our Chevrolet Spark EV. Here is an update on the car, with some details on the impact of an electric vehicle on our electric bill. I love this car so much that I treated it to a vanity plate. So far it still does […]

IRS Catches Up, Solar Update, EV Update

Here is an update on our grid-tie solar installation. The IRS has finally caught up with us, by having enough taxes withheld last year to finish applying our tax credits for our solar photovoltaic system. So that’s nice! We did finish our mid-February to mid-March SoCalEd billing period with a credit of $41, This was […]

Knock On Effects Of Electric Car Purchase Now Apparent

Before we bought our EV I was naturally very curious about how it would impact our electric bill and what the actual costs per mile of driving the car would be. We’ve had the car long enough and it has been long enough since we changed our electric rate plan, and now I feel I’ve […]

As Equinox Approaches We Produce Net Power

As we approach the Spring Equinox the days are nearly as long as the nights. This allows sunlight to strike our solar panels for more hours per day, and it also means the angle of our panels to the sun becomes more favorable. When you have a solar photovoltaic system on a net metering plan […]

More About Electric Cars, Billing Plans, and Solar Panels

The attached image (click for larger view) shows the net power production and usage at Geek Hill for March 4th, 2014. As this was a weekday the M-F rates for our billing plan were in effect. As you can see we use a lot of electricity here, it’s a large, spread out property and we […]