New PC Build and Webcam Upgrades Push Limits of Webcam Geekery

Bigger! Better! Faster! Quieter! These were all requirements for my latest PC build, a fanless 140 watt TDP hexacore Intel i7-6800K in a very quiet case. I used the largest heat sink I’ve ever seen, with enough fins for 4 dozen sharks, and some low speed ultra quiet fans. To keep up with the fast […]

Latest Webcam Build Makes Images Nearly 4K

You know how it is, you build a project, it works out well, then you want more. I’ve been very pleased with the two 1080P webcams I built using Orange Pi, but why not try for more? How about streaming a 6 MP image? I found a very nice USB camera board, combined it with […]

New Traffic Cam Watches Interstate 15 in Corona

My latest IP Cam project relies on an Orange Pi PC SoC board and an Embest USB camera board. Thecamera board is taped to the window in my office, connected via USB to the Orange Pi, which in turn is connected via Ethernet to our LAN. The camera board creates a 2048 by 1536 video […]

Building Gatecam 4

Gatecam number 4 is based on an Orange Pi with USB camera board. It replaces an earlier camera made with a Raspberry Pi. The Orange Pi using UVC video and MJPEG Server produces up to 15 fps at FHD (1920 by 1080) compared to a max of 4 fps with the Raspberry pi. I used […]

New Style Raspberry Pi Webcam

I’ve switched to using metal enclosures for my Raspberry Pi webcams, here are some photos of work in progress. There is more room and I expect long term durability. I’ve also experimented with raspistill switches too. Here is my current command line for a webcam aimed at a freeway intersection a mile away. I’m using […]

Another Year, Another Check from SoCalEd

We have completed another year of net billing for our large PV solar installation. After all the math was done it turned out we were net producers of electricity again, and so we got another check. Not much money, but better than a $1000 a month bill. During this year our battery electric vehicle (BEV) […]

Original Solar Gadget Reused For Webcam Power

My first home made solar gadget involved a pair of motion sensing LED floodlights powered by a 50 watt solar panel with charge controller and 12V SLA battery. Over time I decided to add a few always-on USB-powered LED lights, so the patio is always dimly lit at night. This made the floodlights superfluous so […]

Final Accounting For Solar Year 3, SoCalEd Pays Us $74

We ended up being net producers of electricity for our third billing year having solar power online. It was also the first full year during which we charged a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), which was charged nowhere else in the entire year. With all of that we still were net producers of electricity while running […]

How Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Helped Me Repair Our Clothes Dryer

Good News Everyone! A long time ago on an episode of Futurama Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth invented a Finglonger, a simple binary one bit mechanical device with, obviously, two possible states. In one case, we’ll call it a space or zero, the Finglonger is open. When the operator applies sufficient squeezing mechanical energy to the […]