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New PC Build and Webcam Upgrades Push Limits of Webcam Geekery

Bigger! Better! Faster! Quieter! These were all requirements for my latest PC build, a fanless 140 watt TDP hexacore Intel i7-6800K in a very quiet case. I used the largest heat sink I’ve ever seen, with enough fins for 4 dozen sharks, and some low speed ultra quiet fans. To keep up with the fast […]

How Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Helped Me Repair Our Clothes Dryer

Good News Everyone! A long time ago on an episode of Futurama Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth invented a Finglonger, a simple binary one bit mechanical device with, obviously, two possible states. In one case, we’ll call it a space or zero, the Finglonger is open. When the operator applies sufficient squeezing mechanical energy to the […]

Two Solar Powered Raspberry Pi Security IP Cams w/MJPEG Streaming in 1080P

Yesterday I completed a long project to install two Raspberry Pi computers with solar power along our driveway, so we can see our gate. They are verra nice. I bought two fake security cameras to get the housings, each one contains a 12VDC to 5VDC buck converter, a Raspberry Pi 2 computer and a Raspberry […]